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Why chose Silent Witness ?

Silent Witness is one of the UK & Europe’s Leading Vehicle CCTV and Safety camera experts. Our systems are installed in over 100,000 vehicles worldwide with that number increasing each year!

Why become a Silent witness Partner?

Here at Silent Witness we believe in strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners. Why I hear you ask? Because we are all part of a team, and team work is the key to success.

We have a number of partners who we value very highly, our partnership with these companies allow us to grow and supply our customers with the very best, we are devoted and thrive to deliver reliable service, and a range of versatile products to suit all needs.

We offer a range of partnerships, which can be tailored specifically to each partner. See below for details:


If you are a professional reseller of Vehicle Cameras, Safety or related systems, then we want you as much as you may want to partner with us, it may increase our routes to the market.

Our strategy is to work with key resellers and to increase profit for you; we have strong management skills ensuring you get the very best.

We want our stockists to make a good living from selling our products and at the same time, give Silent Witness customers excellent service and value for money.

By partnering with Silent Witness, you will have at your disposal a tool to attract New Business and the possibility to attract a several of markets. 

We welcome the opportunity for you to become a Silent Witness stockist; we can supply a number of marketing tools to help generate business your way, we can supply;

-          Floors stands

-          Counter top displays

-          Leaflets

-          DVD’s

-          Posters

-          Email marketing

-          And a place on our website!

Insurance Brokers

Silent Witness products are proven to;

-          Encourage safer driving

-          Reduce accident frequency

-          Reduce loss ratios

-          Provide proof of what really happened in an accident.

These are all benefits that you and your customers will want to benefit from!

By partnering with Silent Witness, you will have at your disposal a tool to attract New Business and a tool to increase Renewal Retention, plus you will be able to offer your clients the ultimate Risk Management Tool.

Many insurers have paid or made contributions to the cost of installing our products, brokers can therefore find an insurer who is willing to provide a discount and/or a risk management partner to either fund the client or negotiate a retroactive rate/rebate agreement.


We work with major Insurers around the UK to provide products to clients that are proven to encourage safer driving, reduce accident frequency, reduce loss ratios and provide proof of what really happened in an accident.

We are always on hand to simply advise your clients of the equipment and procedures that are best suited to their needs.

Our experience in working with Insurers is second to none and we have a proven track record in Speeding up the Claims Process, Reducing Loss Ratios and Accident Frequency. Additionally we have been able to save insurers over £20 million via Mitigation of Whiplash and PI claims.

What's the next step?

Simply complete our contact form and  a member of the silent witness team will contact you to discuss a potential partnership.