• PS7009 - Satellite Mirror Monitor with Addtional Feautes

PS7009 - Satellite Mirror Monitor with Addtional Feautes

  • PS7009
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Our fully integrated original equipment Rear View Mirror Monitor provides you with Touchscreen Navigation and a 5" LCD screen, all complete with some incredible benefits built in!

Main Features

Bluetooth hands free

Link contacts

Touch pad

Call History


USB Port

Music or Video

Built in speakers

Navitel Satellite Navigation

UK and Europe Maps

Speed Alerts

Optional Reverse Camera

All of our monitors are compatible with the wide selection of Silent Witness cameras,  this will allow you to link a reverse camera into the mirror monitor allowing you to enhance your viewing behind, when the vehicle is put into reverse the camera will appear on the screen, this will give you complete visibility when reversing, you will have the option to put parking lines on or off depending on your requirements.

The following, high quality/specification, monitors can be combined to produce the ideal system, whether for safety/FORS/CLOCS compliancy, or to meet other operational requirements.

Our monitors are used in a wide range of on-road and off-road applications to meet a host requirements and needs. Combined with or unique camera solutions, we can help eliminate blind spots to prevent expensive vehicle damage and ultimately save lives.

Vehicle blind spots are a huge contributory factor in collisions in all industries. The substantial height and length of many vehicles and machines greatly limit driver visibility. Operator positions, bodywork panels, absent rear windows and bulkheads all create further restrictions.


Touch screen

Manual Auto Dim

OEM Logos

Forward Facing Dash Camera

A “Silent Witness” you can depend on

You can never be too sure who is on the road, you could be involved in an accident at any time, whether it’s commuting to work or travelling to see family; you just never know!

It is often difficult to recall an incident, or there can different views on the incident, these situations can be laborious and extremely stressful, but with a Silent witness HD camera you can be at ease that you will be covered just in case an incident does ever occur.

This can speed up the process with insurance companies, while also protecting your no claims!  Knowing that there is always a dependable, silent witness with you at all times can make a difference.

Ultra - High Definition

We use a high end 1080p video processor and very high quality sensor not found in other leading brands of forward facing cameras.

Recording Modes

Silent Witness HD Camera supports various recording modes that will fit any situation; Continuous recording and incident recording.

Continuous recording mode is activated when you start the engine, this camera has an auto loop recording system ensuring all crucial evidence is recorded. Unused footage will be over written when the SD card is full, allowing you to never miss a moment.

Incident recording mode works with a G- sensor function, when the G- sensor function detects an impact it will automatically save the clip before and after the event into a separate file.

Replaces the original mirror- Discreet design- Your Silent Witness


We design our products on the feedback from our customers from our previous cameras.       

SD Compatible with High Capacity SD Card

Using the latest SDXC technology, our products are compatible with the latest range of high capacity cards.

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