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You are able to stay in contact with your vehicle with our unique our email/ text service

Our email/ text service can be installed alongside any alarm system to alert the user of an alarm trigger. This is achieved by immediately sending an email(s) and / or an SMS text message when the alarm is activated.

The email/ text service includes a multi network roaming SIM which ensures maximum cellular coverage throughout the UK & Europe.



Silent Witness Tracking is a sophisticated reporting system that tells you the LIVE locations of your vehicles on one map. Their geographical positions are automatically monitored every 60 seconds giving you 'real time' reporting of their location, travel direction and speed. It also provides you with a breadcrumb-trail of a journey route with speed indication, detailed journey history, any idle time, ignition status and over-speed reports. Data that will help your fleet operators effectively manage your vehicles and drivers.


Silent Witness Tracking gives you complete flexibility, allowing you to login and view up to the minute data from any web enabled PC, Mac, Smartphone and Tablet with no additional software downloads. This will enable you to gain instant access to the location and status of your entire fleet on one screen. Run key MI reports and apply service scheduling and automated alerts. The system will reduce time spent in the office on paperwork, and also helps your drivers as they will no longer need to submit manual mileage sheets and fuel expense claims. Not only will it reduce reporting errors, it will give you and your drivers time to focus on more important aspects of your jobs.


Silent Witness Tracking driver ID solution allows fleet operators to not only capture key information about the movements of their vehicles, but also relate these to individual drivers. This allows the detailed capture and reporting of journey & mileage information specific to each and every driver in your fleet. With individual key fobs for each driver, you can ensure that your staff are trained and qualified to operate the vehicles they are driving, link records with driving licenses, and help you comply with duty of care obligations.

Live location and status information through cloud hosted telematics.

Widget based dashboard with full reporting suite

Permissible hierarchy providing appropriate access to all levels

Reduce business miles

Reduce fuel costs

Reduce accidents and insurance costs

Improve and reduce vehicle maintenance

Aid in your duty of care compliance

Automatic reporting streamline expense claims

Login and view up to the minute data from any web enabled PC, Mac, Smartphone and Tablet with no additional software downloads.

Manage your fleet with live reports, scheduled reports and alerts manager.

Key features

• Accessible web based login

• Supportive of multiple users with permissible access

• Daily, weekly and monthly journey reports

• Service and report scheduling

• Incident Camera video streaming integration

• Fully smartphone responsive

• Recognised by leading insurers as a risk reduction tool leading to lower premiums

• Proven to help improve e_ciency by as much as 12MPG

• Live reporting suite including;

- Speed limit

- Business miles

- Daily start / end

- Time on site

- Vehicle idling

Technical Specification

System Requirements:

• You must be connected to the internet in order to access the portal

• PC: Windows 9 or later/Mac

driver score

Score driver style and behaviour to highlight risk across your fleet

Proven to improve fuel efficiency by over 10pg

Reduce insurance premiums by as much as 40% and curtail maintenance costs across an entire fleet

Driving style can have a major impact on fuel consumption, carbon emissions and vehicle wear and tear.
Regular feedback to drivers encourages a shift¬ from negative behaviours to more positive style, with tangible results.

Data is presented in a detailed graph which illustrates how scores fluctuate over a period of time for individual drivers.
With appropriate feedback and driver education, this graph should show an upward trend as driver style improves over time.

The whole fleet can be compared in graphical format which ranks drivers based on overall score for the time period selected.
Scores can be reordered based on different parameters and both views can be exported to distribute as PDF or CSV for further analysis and feedback. 

Key features:

• View scores for individual vehicles or entire fleets

• Recognised by leading insurers as a risk reduction tool

• Overall score calculated based on:

- Harsh acceleration

- Harsh braking

- Speeding events

- Night driving

- Urban driving

• Set up automated driver score reports to run daily, weekly or monthly

• Export scorecards via PDF for direct feedback

• Compare historic scores for benchmarking

Silent Witness Incident Camera will enable the fleet owner to see with their own eyes poor driving behaviour and critical incidents, minutes after they have happened, in HD quality footage in their OnCloud application.....

Silent Witness will have the unique capability to score drivers not only on the existing 5 components, but now to add monitoring and scoring of tailgating, cornering, very harsh braking and more... The driver trainers will be able to use the real time footage of the penalty events to best teach their drivers where they are going wrong, even teach them remotely online....

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