General FAQs

What payment methods do you accept?

- We accept the following methods of payment – Mastercard, Visa, Visa Debit and PayPal.

When will I be charged?

- Payment is charged immediately after security checks from your bank issuer and Captiva have been authorized.

How do I know my order has been placed successfully?

- We will send you an acknowledgement email on successful completion of an order on the site. This email will detail the order that you have placed and will give you an order reference number. We would advise you to keep this email safely as you will need your order reference number for any further queries which you may have. Failure to provide us with an order reference number on request will result in a delay with your enquiry. Once your order has been accepted and dispatched to you we will send you a confirmation email.

I did not receive a confirmation email

- Please contact us if you do not receive an acknowledgement email and we will make sure it is not a problem with our system. Acknowledgement emails are generated and sent automatically once an order has been successfully completed. You may need to check your mailbox as it may be treating our emails as spam or junk mail and you should check your spam or junk mail folders to make sure they have not gone directly to this location. You may also need to ensure that all of the details entered are correct, please pay particular attention to your payment card details, email address and delivery addresses.

The item/size I ordered is out of stock. Why was it on the website?

- All items are subject to availability. Generally, if an item is showing on our website then it is available to order. However, during busy periods we may be in a position where we cannot supply an item or there may be an unexpected delay in despatch. Our system does not record individual size quantities; if you order several items in the same size you may experience a slight delay. If this is the case, we will let you know as soon as possible and will offer to substitute the item for another item of similar style/colour/ size or we will offer a refund.

How long will my order take to be processed?

- We endeavour to process orders as quickly as possible as we know how exciting it is to get your order promptly, however please allow 24 – 72 working hours as a guide.

Technical FAQ's

How to format a memory card?

Using Windows;
- Go to your Start Button (bottom left of windows) and click on "computer" or "my computer"
- Put the SD Card in to your computer either by using a built-in card reader or by connecting your camera/recorder by USB.
- When you plug the card in you will see a drive appear.
- Right click on the icon and click on "Format"
- Click "Quick Format" and then click "Start"
- Wait for the card to finish being formatted and carry on using the card as normal.

Using MAC;
- Insert your SD memory card into your computer's SD slot or SD card reader. Mac OSX should recognize it automatically.
- Open up the Disk Utility Application and select the SD card. Select "Erase" from the sub-menu. Choose "FAT" from the re-format menu.
- Wait a few minutes for the format process to fully complete. Once finished, a notification will alert you. 
- Refit the card in your camera.

If after this process you are still having problems then it *might* be an indication the memory card is starting to fail. SD cards only have a limited amount of read/write cycles and they can go wrong. 

My camera is not locking on to GPS?
- Some vehicles have heated windscreens or special coatings that impede GPS signals. In most cases though there should be an area near the middle of the screen where the camera will operate correctly. Experiment with relocating the camera.
- Please ensure the time and date is correct on your device and the time zone also.
- Please make sure if your device has GPS that it is powered
- Please make sure that the cable is plugged into the GPS Unit. 

I cannot see Google Map display when playing back the video on computer?
- Anti virus and firewalls can stop the silent witness gps software from working, please go in your anti virus and firewall settings and unblock the software 
- The computer must be connected to the internet to show the Google map.

The camera chimes every few seconds.
- This is normally related to a memory card fault. Formatting the memory card will probably resolve this. Format the SD card using your computer.
- Formatting the SD card will erase all the data and put the camera back to factory default setting.
My camera creates lots of "Event" files?
- You will need to change the G-Sensor sensitivity in the menu, if you have lots of files try turning the sensitivity down
The camera is not powering up?
- Check the fuse in the power plug. 
- Check to see if your accessory socket is working with other devices.

The camera continues to record even when I turn the ignition off?
- Some vehicles have accessory sockets that remain LIVE even when the ignition is off. In this case, you should remove the power cable from the socket when you are not using the vehicle. 
- For cameras with G-force sensors, have you checked both the normal recording and event files for the footage?
- It is the responsibility of the insured to ensure the card is removed and as soon as possible.  If you believe the data may be overwritten, power down the camera and remove the memory card.  If you have a spare use that for the rest of your journey.
- In some cases due to the way information is overwritten onto a memory card, using certain recovery software, it is possible to recover some data that may have been overwritten.

How much video will my memory card hold?
- See Recording Times Chart
Do I get everything I need in the Silent Witness box?
- Hard wiring kits are available should you want to have the camera wired to the ignition of the vehicle. 
- Yes everything is in the Silent Witness box to allow you to start recording straight away.

Do you get the second/ Third camera in the Silent Witness box?
- No the second camera is an option and can be purchased at any time. It simply plugs into the main Silent witness camera body.]

How often should i format the SD card?
- These 'types of cameras' do punish the SD card, to make sure your card is always in peak condition we would recommend doing it every 2-4 weeks depending on the camera use.

Can I get an insurance discount for using a Silent Witness Camera?
- There are insurance companies that support the use of in vehicle cameras; we continually update a list that is viewable in our forum.

What voltage will the MI-Witness Camera work on?
- 12 to 24 volts DC, never remove the cigarette plug 

Can the Silent Witness Camera be hard wired into my vehicle?
- The Silent Witness Camera is easy to hard wire; 

 Where does the Silent Witness Camera fit?
- Typically the Silent Witness Camera is fitted up by the rear view mirror looking forward
- Please see photo within description of cameras.

Can I install Silent Witness Camera myself?
- Yes the Silent Witness is a plug and play device and can be simply installed in a few minutes

Is the Silent Witness Legal to install & Use in the UK/EU? 
- Yes the Silent Witness is 100% legal to install & use in the UK/EU. More information can be found via the links below so you can make your own mind up.