SW010.1C – Rear Camera Upgrade for the SW010.1 Front Facing Camera


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This weatherproof IP67 rear camera is an upgrade for the Silent Witness SW010.1 front facing camera.

The compact SW010.1C can be mounted either inside or outside the vehicle and has a wired infra red light trigger, making it very popular with taxi cab owners.

Camera Description:

• Internal & External Camera

• IR night vision

• IR Light Trigger Wire On/Off

• Resolution: 1280 x 720 25 FPS

• AOV: 120°

• IP Rating: IP67 Weatherproof

• Power: USB to SW010.1

• Cable Length: 6.5m

(SW010.1 requires firmware update – See website for update, not compatible with SW010 V1)

***Please note: The SW010.1C must be mounted with the bracket at the top***


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