SWPARKMINI – Dash Camera Parking Module




Depending on the installation method, the unit can be used to supply power to your dash camera permanently or only when the engine is running.

If this kit is connected to a vehicle ignition source, it can be used as a hardwired power source alternative to the vehicles 12V accessory socket, eliminating unsightly cables and freeing up the 12V socket for your other accessories.

When wired directly to the vehicles battery, it allows your dash Camera to operate when the vehicle is parked with the ignition switched off. Once the vehicle’s battery power drops to 11.6V (12V system) or 23.2V (24V system), the Dash Cam power supply is switched off, to avoid excessively discharging the vehicle battery. With a permanent power supply, the Dash Camera’s motion detection feature (if present) is able to activate during non driving conditions. This means that the Dash Camera could record video evidence of a collision or vandalism to the vehicle, when the vehicle is parked with the engine switched off.

Please note that the SWPARKMINI is only suitable to work with our SW010.1, SW010.1DUAL, SW282 and SW224


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