SWT004 – 3G Dash Camera with Tracker


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With the FORS approved SWT004, in the event of an incident it records not only high definition footage but extra information such as a location map and your vehicle details all in a useful PDF that’s created within minutes of an impact event.

You can link the tracker with an incident camera to stream video footage directly through the portal. This helps to provide documented incident evidence supported by irrefutable video footage identifying exactly what happened.

Features Full HD Camera by Silent Witness

Full HD Recording Mode

Records 1080p footage at 20FPS

Suction Mount

Suction Mount

Auto loop recording

Continious Recording Mode

The SWT004 features 32 hour loop recording as standard.

Parking Mode

Parking Mode

Provides you with GPS via Google Mapping

GPS via Google Mapping

Features password protection

Encrypted Data

Provides date and time stamps for footage

Date & Time Recorded


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